Tested printers (see blog "testing") are now handled to the packaging section.
This is a delicate phase, since you you pack properly you are sure that the printer will be delivered safe and fully working.
In the yars, we have used different packaging systems: foam, plastic, etc. We have now landed on corrugated paper that seems to us being the morst convenient and ecologic. Most of it can easily be disposed and recycled.


Packaging phases

Printers are ready for packaging    In the box with corrugated paper

On a small pallet for efficient loading on truck     Ready, waiting for courier



Il foglio di spunta

Per non dimenticare nulla

foglio di test stampa multifunzione rete toner duplex
parti aggiuntive toner cassetti ruote adf finisher
cavi alimentazione USB (se richiesto) collegamenti finisher seriale (se richiesto)  
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