About Us

Asnew is an online store that offers used products.
Our products are environment sustainable, at an extremely competitive price.

Why do you call it sustainable hardware?

Because some companies often havefully functional machines that must be replaced (for leasing reasonss, suppliers agreements, etc.).
Because some producers or retailers have new - or almost new - machines that they can not market directly.
Our job is to find these machines, test their functionality, sale them.
In some cases the machines that we get do not work, so we sale their spare parts.

Hardware, market and environment

The production of an hardware device, such as a printer, requires the extraction of numerous raw materials and the consuming a high amount of energy. An used product often contains exploitable raw materials and substances potentially hazardous for humans and for the environment.
Surveys conducted among consumers show that we change our IT hardware on average every 18 months.
An used machine may, in many cases, be used for much longer.

We Ship to EU Countries.
Prices According to Destination.

Fast and Safe Shipping.Clear Price!

• Up to 25 kg: 10€   • 26 to 50 kg: 25€   • 51 to 100 kg: 50€
• More than 100kg: 75€